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Good ideas, bad ideas + question marks. Write eg @qz @guardian Advise eg @notioncapital Founded @AugurComms to fix tech PR.

There are things we all know we should do, but continue to resist because they seem too hard. But the real limiting factor is changing your perspective to accept that perfection is not required.

Instead, it’s more about pushing yourself away from your worst possible iteration.

This was the lesson I learned most recently from We Are the Weather, a punchy and accessible summary of how anyone can make a difference to global warming through simple everyday changes.

What this means for me is identifying a few areas where I’ve been thoughtlessly generating a negative impact, without truly gaining a…

A few years ago, I saw a post from someone who had tracked every film they watched that year. I’ve expanded the idea a bit and thought it might be interesting to capture the best of the best here for anyone seeking recommendations. ENJOY.

Overall best of the year: I May Destroy You

A masterpiece of craft with both depth and glorious surface richness. I can’t remember the last time I saw ideas explored so thoroughly while embracing the messiness and uncertainty of the themes.

Michaela Coel has given many excellent interviews and talks— but my favourite is this discussion with Louis Theroux. …

Natasha Bernal shared a piece in my feed today where the new WeWork CEO tried to re-establish the business’s credible path back to IPO.

I thought it was interesting how the headline from the tweet gave such a different impression to the headline of the piece, check them both out below:

The headline in the tweet
The headline from the article

Spot the difference?

The first clause of the tweet is compelling and seemingly factual in a way that has an immediate impact. …

It’s easy to underestimate security. Especially if you have it.

Most anxiety or stress or tension comes from wanting things to be different to the way that they are. This is amplified by complexity, where there are many different relationships and degrees of dependence.

It’s easy for work to become fragmented across an array of documents, conversations, platforms and tasklists. And in the gap between each of these lies the stress.

I came across the below quote through my work with Tradeshift:

“Any complex system exists in a state of dynamic equilibrium, which, if sufficiently disrupted will either break through…

I’ve worked on most sides of the fence in startup land now — inside a (now Unicorn) from Series A-C, inside VCs, for tech publications — I’ve seen it all. And one of the most interesting aspects of this industry to me is how you have to hold contradictory ideas in your mind at once.

Take Tesla. There’s a recent spate of articles about other electric car tech. But most of these producers are more like skunkworks for traditional manufacturers, who don’t have anything on the market in a “normal” price range.

Having worked inside a fast growing tech company…

I’m currently reading a book about libraries by Susan Orlean. It made me think about the current ABC limiting the UK’s potential for interesting innovation in such areas (Austerity, Brexit, Conservatives.)

At £9.99 for the paperback, I’d probably never have bought it. I’d likely save the money, play it safe buying something more familiar. Less esoteric.

But for £1.99 on Kindle, it’s an immediate yes.

That is the power of wishlists.

A while ago, I decided it was important to me to read more, and with an increasing breadth. …

Note: I’ve had the thinking in this post rattling around my head for a little while now, and earlier this year gave me a reason to note it down — but as today is International Women’s Day, it seemed a relevant time to hit publish. Men are such a crucial part of the equation, but especially the awareness that it takes more than tweeting your support (or writing a Medium article…) if we’re really going to make a difference to the balance of power in the long run.

Here’s the key thing: I don’t think it’s possible to not be…

Some crucial context: After five years running Augur, I’ve been seeking new experiences to inform the design of the next phase of the business.

One of these has been a 6 month Interim Head of Comms & Content role at Forward Partners, an early stage VC with a startup-building agency inside.

This post talks about some of that experience, and why you should go and look at their open marketing roles.

One of the things you quickly learn in a PR & Comms career is that your subject (client or product) is everything. …

Is there more to see with the latest model?

I’m still trying to make the iPad my work machine for 90% of my time.

With that in mind, I took the new 11 inch iPad for a spin (with new keyboard case and Pencil) – and it led me to also try out the 12.9. But more on that later.

11” iPad Pro

  • Does the size make a difference?

It feels bigger when I look at it, but in vertical mode, it’s almost more like it has slipped downward. Which can actually be a bit annoying if you have to reach the very bottom of the screen.

I tested the 11 inch…

For a while, I’ve tried to use my iPad as much as I can for work, reverting to laptop as and when necessary. Kind of like not pulling out the bazooka when you just need a spoon.

With that experience has come a closer connection to the Apple Pencil — a seeming overpriced novelty instrument that I’ve actually found really fundamental to the experience with that device.

Yes, fingers are intuitive but the fact remains that humans have used tools for a long time now. You could eat with your hands, but there’s a satisfaction in the accuracy of pointers.

Max Tatton-Brown

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